Dividat promotes the evidence-based approach: Several research articles have investigated the Dividat Senso in different application areas.

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Research at the ETH in Zurich layed the ground work for the Dividat Senso. The Dividat Senso is a research-backed product and sparked a lot of interest, not only with clinicians, but also in the research community.

Dividat is partnering with the most recognized research institutions in the world.

Dividat Senso is used in a broad variety of fields like Neurorehabilitation, Geriatric Rehabilitation or Sports Rehabilitation. Today, Dividat is partnering with the most recognized research institutions worldwide.



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[PDF] Design and Evaluation of User-Centered Exergames for Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: Multilevel Usability and Feasibility Studies


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[LINK] Balance training monitoring and individual response during unstable vs. T stable balance Exergaming in elderly adults: Findings from a randomized controlled trial


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[PDF] Exergaming with integrated head turn task improves compensatory saccade pattern in some patients with chronic peripheral unilateral vestibular hypofunction


de Bruin

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