The idea began with a doctoral thesis at the ETH Zurich. Today, our team is committed to provide best in class solutions to our customers. 

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We believe that the smart use of new technologies will help maximize training engagement and treatment intensity while enabling scalable solutions and reducing operational costs. 

Our mission is to maximize engagement and clinical outcome through the use of novel technologies

We develop digital solutions that address the growing demand for preventive training programs and therapies in a broad variety of fields. We do this while reducing costs, empowering patients with their recovery and providing a rich source of data for clinical teams and decision makers.

Meet the team

Portrait Anja Bodmer

Anja Bodmer
Dividat Coach

Portrait Bujar Badalli

Bujar Badalli

Portrait Damiano Zemp

Damiano Zemp

Portrait Emilien Taque

Emilien Taque

Portrait Gabor Kerekes

Gabor Kerekes

Portrait Hans van het Reve

Hans van het Reve

Portrait Joris Guyonvarch

Joris Guyonvarch

Manuela Adcock

Manuela Adcock
Dr. Sc. ETH

Portrait Marco Höfliger

Marco Höfliger

Portrait Regina Ochsner

Regina Ochsner
Sales support


Portrait Eva van het Reve

Eva van het Reve
Movement Scientist, Dr. Sc. ETH

Portrait Johannes Emerich

Johannes Emerich
Head of Development
MSc. Logic UvA

Portrait Joris van het Reve

Joris van het Reve
Gründer & CEO



Eva van het Reve, the founder of Dividat, started in 2011 her PHD Studies in Movement Sciences at the ETH Zurich. At that time her father was working as a Managing Director at a nursing home in their home town Schindellegi-Feusisberg in Switzerland. Eva knew about the challenges people face when they get older. 

About one third of people older than 65 years fall once per year

The results was endless discussions at the dinner table and also the main topic for Eva’s PHD study: How can we improve people’s health as they get older? It was clear from the beginning that physical exercise improves people’s lives drastically. About ⅓ of people older than 65 years fall once a year. But what is the most effective way of exercise for older adults? This was Eva’s main question in her thesis. She conducted a study with 180 older adults in 14 different nursing homes.

Bild von Eva van het Reve und älterer Person beim Krafttraining
Eva van het Reve at one of the nursing homes, where she conducted her studies.


The results of the study showed significant improvement for those people who had a cognitive task in addition to the standard exercise tasks. The results also initiated the foundation of the company. The mission was clear: Improve older adults life's by making an effective and easy training available for everyone.

Professionals in all kind of fields included the cognitive-motor training into their settings.

At this point Joris van het Reve, Eva's brother, joined the company and layed the ground work for making the company ready for the tasks to come. The first prototype was built and we tested the waters with real costumers. The feedback we received took us by surprise. Professionals in all kind of fields included the cognitive-motor training into their settings.

Einführung Dividat Senso mit einer Gruppe Physiotherapeuten
Presentation of our first Prototype to the Hospital Interlaken, one of our first customers.


Very early on we knew that our first prototype wouldn't meet all the technical requirements for the functionalities that our early stage costumers desired. This was the start of the development of the Dividat Senso. A smart and affordable device that enables a cognitive-motor training for people no matter their fitness levels.

Entwicklung Dividat Senso in Schindellegi
Entwicklung Dividat Senso
Entwicklung Dividat Senso


As of today the Dividat Senso is sold worldwide and put into practice in major institutions like KU Leuven, University of Montreal or the Karolinksa Institute in Sweden. Our team works constantly to improve the solution and new games are added periodically after a successful validation.

Joris van het Reve about Dividat and the Senso

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