Users, therapist and scientists love the Senso: The training is motivating and effective, the software is simple and user-friendly. 

The Senso is a research-based product with high standards

The Dividat Senso is a technology-based training device that is used in prevention and rehabilitation. Next to physical components it trains cognitive functions, which play an important role in human movement. The Dividat Senso is applied in a broad range of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation settings.

The exercises on the Dividat Senso improve cognitive and motor functions simultaneously

The cognitive-motor training concept trains cognitive and physical functions simultaneously. Research has shown, that this is the most effective way to improve balance and gait stability.

Webbased software

  • Captivating and challenging exergames, that adapt to the user
  • Browser-based games & management interface
  • Rich source of data for clinical teams

Highly responsive hardware

  • Sensitive input device measuring steps, weight shifts and balance
  • LED as orientation and additional stimuli
  • Tactile feedback on performance with vibrating plates


The software is web-based and consists of a training environment for the user (Dividat Play) and a management software for clinical teams (Dividat Manager)

Dividat Play

Dividat Play is an easy to use training software environment with programs that are developed in cooperation with research institutes. Each program is selected to target a specific goal and constantly adapts to the user's capabilities.

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Goal-oriented programs
  • Automatic training load adjustment in real time

Dividat Manager

Dividat Manager is the management environment where therapists and clinicians can keep track of the performance of their patients and personalize the program manually. The design of each exercise and the training duration can be set individually.

  • Simple performance vizualisations
  • Personalized exercise settings
  • Performance reports over training periods

Clinical Evidence

Step based interventions are proved to be the most effective way for improving gait stability. All our training programs are made according to current research and in partnership with research institutes worldwide.

Top Publications

More research


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Pichierri et. al.

[PDF] Cognitive and cognitive-motor interventions affecting physical functioning: A systematic review


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[PDF] Gait Speed and Survival in Older Adults


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[PDF] Risk Factors for a 5-Year Mortality in Older Adults

Dividat Senso is used worldwide in clinics, research facilities, care facilities

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