Dividat Senso is a research-based training device, which improves cognitive and motor functions. Developed by a young team in Switzerland.


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The Dividat Senso is a training device that helps people improve their cognitive and physical performance through exercise-based games. It is a digital solution that addresses the growing demand for preventive training programs and therapies in a broad variety of fields.

The Dividat Senso is a training device that makes it possible to train physical and cognitive functions at the same time

We provide a rich source of data for therapists and clinical teams to help maximize treatment outcome and support evidence-based interventions. We believe that the smart use of new technologies helps maximizing engagement and treatment intensity while reducing operational costs.

Web-based software

The software is engaging but also demanding and allows for an effective training. All data is saved to easily track improvements and see results.

Highly responsive hardware

The platform tracks the movement of the users and allows for a highly responsive training.

The Dividat Senso is a research-based product, follows high standards and is certified as a medical device

Clinics, research facilities and care facilities are using the Dividat Senso all around the world

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