The movement trainer THERA-Trainer Tigo is a versatile arm and leg trainer. Available in different equipment variants.

Ältere Person am Trainieren mit Thera Trainer Tigo

What makes THERA-trainer special?

THERA-Trainers from the Cycling series serve the same purpose for people with specific needs as bicycle ergometers do for healthy people. You can perform motor-operated (passive), motor-assisted or active movement training (using your own muscle power) with just one device from the comfort of your chair, armchair or wheelchair.

  • Active and passive trainers
  • Tailor-made configurations
  • Best price performance ratio
  • Available in combination with Dividat Mile

Special features

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18/5000 Big display

Detailansicht Bedienung und Anzeiger Thera Trainer Tigo

Simple foot protection

Detailansicht Fusssicherung Thera Trainer Tigo

Combination with Dividat Mile

Produktbild Dividat Mile in Kombination mit Thera Trainer Tigo

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