VITAAL: A new concept for a better treatment of the “geriatric giants”.


With VITAAL, Dividat is developing a new concept for better handling of the “geriatric giants”.

In the past four years, Dividat has developed a technology together with six international partners, which is intended to be used for targeted therapy and prevention in so-called “geriatric giants”. A first version will be available on the market in mid-2022.

What are the "Geriatric Giants"

In geriatric medicine, geriatric giants are the most important categories of impairments associated with the human aging process. These include: immobility, instability, incontinence and intellectual degradation.Personalized training thanks to objective assessment **

It is known from science that walking speed in older people is a good predictor of physical and cognitive impairment, falls and multimorbidity. That is why VITAAL combines an objective assessment of walking ability with an individually tailored training program. The target group includes people with an increased risk of falls, urinary incontinence or cognitive impairments.


Studies in Belgium, Canada and Switzerland 

In the last 18 months, VITAAL has been tested in studies in three countries in different patient groups. Fortunately, VITAAL shows a high level of acceptance among the test persons. It is noteworthy that the study by our research partner KU Leuven achieved significant improvements in brain performance, responsiveness and walking speed in dementia patients. The psychological well-being of the patients could also be positively influenced. This in comparison to control training, which did not involve any movement. It is impressive that ** exercise, and especially cognitive-stimulating exercise, helps - also for people with dementia.

Dividat is looking for partners in the healthcare sector

In the next few months, Dividat will carry out the first pilot projects within health care facilities with a focus on therapy and rehabilitation. Would you also like to participate? Contact us by email at