Physiotherapy Hochuli

Located only a few footsteps away from the railway station in Romanshorn, together with four therapists the couple Adrian and Dorothee Hochuli operate their familiy owned Physio Hochuli GmbH. In a familiar atmosphere, the team is in action for the health of it’s customers. They are convinced that recovery and lifetime health does not stop after prescribed therapy sessions. That’s why they also open their training center for independent people that want to increase their physical and cognitive fitness on an ongoing basis. For more information, please visit

Training concept

For therapist Dorothee Hochuli, medical training therapy is an important tool in modern physical therapy. Therefore, it was essential for the practice to offer a cutting-edge training concept, that also covers the need of people in an advanced age. Next to the opportunity to train on computer-controlled pneumatic training devices, also the interactive cognitive-motor training is mentioned as an important success factor for Physio Hochuli GmbH. The center is accredited with the Qualitop label and supported by health insurance. The center has more than 100 members. «Dividat is a partner that does not just deliver us with systems. They also provided us with comprehensive support in marketing and education» - Adrian Hochuli