Spitex Rontal plus

Together with Senevita Pilatusblick, the home care organization Spitex Rontal plus runs a training center for falls prevention. The well visited opening ceremony took place on November 4th. According to the director, Martina Egli-Häfliger, Spitex Rontal plus and Senevita managed to sell 30 memberships directly after the event. The prevention programme is open for members of the home care organization, tenants of Senevita as well as for people living in the vicinity. For more information please visit: http://www.spitexrontalplus.ch/

Training concept: Dividat Active

In close cooperation with Dividat, the center introduces a training concept for older adults with a medium to good base condition. Muscle training takes place on safe and easy to use strength training machines. The focus is on improving mobility and therefore the focus is on training the large muscle groups. For efficient falls prevention, besides strength training, it is important to train cognitive and motor functions in combination. On the Dividat Senso, specific cognitive tasks are linked to a gross motor movement. This interactive cognitive-motor training aims at improving executive functions in the frontal lobe. With the help of Dividat Evidence, performance is assessed on a regular basis using standardized tests. For current members of the center and interested people, information events about the ageing process and scientific interventions to delay loss of gait stability are organized on a frequent basis free of charge.