BodyBrain Sàrl Vevey

In Vevey (VD), Switzerland opened the first private fitness center for older adults. The Center offers training programs for the prevention of falls, to improve the cardiovascular system and also programs to improve the personal fitness. Located at the Lake Geneva the center is run by Chantal Sauer, with help of her husband Pascale. "The opening was a new challenge for me", explains Chantal and she is very happy for the successful start. You can find more information about the center and the training programs on the following site:

Training concept: Dividat Active

In close cooperation with Dividat, the center introduces a training concept for older adults, who want to improve their personal fitness and want to avoid their risk of falling. Muscle training takes place on safe and easy to use strength training machines. Equipment for the training of the cardiovascular system are integrated into the same system as the strength training equipment. For efficient falls prevention, besides strength training, it is important to train cognitive and motor functions in combination. On the Dividat Senso, specific cognitive tasks are linked to a gross motor movement. This interactive cognitive-motor training aims at improving executive functions in the frontal lobe. With the help of Dividat Evidence, performance is assessed on a regular basis using standardized tests