Bisculm Physiotherapy

Silvia Bisculm is the owner of a physiotherapy with an overwhelming view on the Swiss mountains. When we visited Silvia and her team in Domat/Ems, we immediately experienced the warm atmosphere in her training and therapy center. Her customers are enthusiastic and that's not just because of Silvia's very friendly and brightful nature. Also her innovative training concept is very well received by her customers. The center just moved to a new location. "Our old center became a bit too small", Silvia explains with a smiling face. In 2017, the physiotherapy celebrates its 20 year anniversary. For more information, please visit:

Training concept

In her medical fitness, Silvia offers a health-oriented training that targets the whole locomotor system. The individual training concept includes strength, balance, flexibility and cardio training. Strength training takes place on modern, computerized HUR equipment with pneumatic resistance. The medical fitness targets people in every age willing to improve their health. Soon, she also wants to offer their customers an interactive cognitive-motor training. "I'm already curious about the new Dividat Senso", she explains to us.